Dave Wilson, director of corporate communications for Hitachi Healthcare Americas, 他的新定制贸易展览从设计、信息传递到参与和可衡量的结果,以每一种可能的方式交付了很多值得骄傲的结果吗.

“当我看到我为我们定制贸易展览设计的愿景成为现实时,我有一种令人惊叹的成就感. But the best moment was when the CEO said, 'This is the best booth we've had in the 8 years I've been with the company,'" Wilson said.

威尔逊向他的爱游戏官网登录展品设计和客户管理团队提出了一个微妙的问题. He wanted the exhibit to be open but not empty, busy but not crowded, and dynamic without being overwhelming. "I envisioned motion, energy, and a sense of welcome," Wilson said. Plus, there were the hundreds of spatial, functional, 以及后勤要求,与创建一个80' x 120'展览来展示先进的医学成像设备.    



The exhibit delivered in every way, 感谢威尔逊和他的团队为日立客户和潜在客户提供理想体验的整体方法. Success metrics included a 131% increase in customer meetings in the booth, a 164% increase in the number of people visiting the booth, 并且令人鼓舞地增加了366%的访客——他们需要一些后续的信息或电话.

How can you ensure that your exhibit performs as well as Hitachi's? Austin Kleon, a New York Times best-selling author, recommends you "Steal Like An Artist" and adapt these eight best practices to your own exhibit marketing program.    

1. WOW factor. Every exhibit needs something to capture attendees' attention on the trade show floor. This could be the overall architecture, a visual focal point, a dynamic element, a presentation or demo, or even an interactive experience within the exhibit. Hitachi's WOW was a combination of the first three: great architecture, a visual focal point, and magnetic digital signage.

日立展台建筑的动态角度模仿了日立“激励下一个”(Inspire The Next)标语中的红色“激励Flash”重音标记. This clever    application of angles drew attendees into the space, created a sense of motion, and differentiated the exhibit from others on the RSNA show floor. 这一动态通过一个巨大的LED墙得到了加强,其中视频和信息的组合传达了产品的关键优势,包括“更准确”,"   "strong relationships," and "better care of your patients."

The focal point of the structure was the AI area. 这个“亭中之亭”以三种元素在视觉上的平衡组合吸引了参观者:一个被神秘的烟熏薄纱包裹的立方体, a Hitachi-red ceiling (that also controlled ambient light), and a spiraling ribbon (symbolic of the rotating motion of an CT scan). The spiraling ribbon acted as a visual transition tool, 将与会者的注意力转移到上面的日立标志和数字标牌和下面的爱游戏官网登录区之间.

2Every design detail makes brand sense. 重要的是要确保你的展览与你的品牌和信息一致. 从墙壁的角度模仿“激励的闪光”,到象征CT扫描运动的螺旋缎带, Wilson nailed every aspect and element of brand and messaging consistency.

3. Clear messaging hierarchy. 日立公司的短信服务能在正确的时间为与会者提供所需的信息,并将他们带进展会. 从最广泛的信息(公司名称)转移到最细粒度的信息(产品细节), 每个消息都位于正确的位置和正确的高度,以实现最大的可见性.

  • The Hitachi corporate logo and tag line identify whose exhibit this is. 这些信息是最大的信息大小,并安装在展览的顶部,以便与会者可以从半个展厅看到它们,以及站在展览前的过道上的与会者.
  • 数字标牌上的简短标题传达了关键的品牌属性. 这个信息的大小和位置也可以从半个展厅到展品的正前方都可以看到.
  • 展览室内有几个大约八英尺高的路标塔,标识着产品区域. 复制品的大小是为了让展览室内或站在门口的人看得见. Once visitors are standing next to the way-finders, additional eye-level copy communicates three key facts about each area.
  • Smaller, 目视水平的标识标识了特定的产品工作站,在那里,较小的副本传达了简要的支持细节.

4. Laid out for great traffic flow. 日立展览在最前面开放以迎接客人,在展台的一端有一个接待区,以帮助那些需要帮助寻找代表或导航展览的与会者. 设备之间宽敞的间距使空间导航舒适,并给大型设备一种博物馆般的氛围. The way-finder pylons help guests locate specific products.

威尔逊保持了设备之间的宽敞间隔,从而产生了优雅, 整洁的外观——通过寻找替代方案,把每一件设备带到展会上. 一台CT扫描仪用一幅真人大小的照片壁画来代表,另一件产品则用全息图来代表.     

一个独特的特点是一条对比地板的对角线路径,将参观者从一端引入展览, then makes a 90-degree turn to leads them to the far corner of the booth. 每一个主要的产品,以及接待区和会议室引导着与会者. In prior years, 日立公司尝试了一条直线路径,但发现人们把它作为通过展览的捷径. This year's approach acted as a funnel, leading people deeper into the exhibit, but not out the other side. "They used to come up and walk away. Now they walk through and see every product," Wilson said.

5. Engaged all five of attendees' senses. 医疗保健专业人士记得他们参观日立展览,因为它调动了他们所有的五种感官. They see the dynamic exhibit, equipment, and images created by the equipment. 他们在接待区触摸设备,品尝手工咖啡,并聆听背景音乐. Wilson has even gone the extra step of piping a fresh scent into the exhibit.

6. Created a targeted experience for each audience segment. In order to accommodate the differing needs of attendees,        Wilson creates custom experiences for each classification of customer. 这包括为参观展览的管理员提供的带有日立信息的iPad展台, opportunities to touch and examine the equipment for healthcare technicians, and optimized viewing of the images the equipment creates for physicians.

7. Optimized visitors' experience. Wilson knows that well-attended details elevate the customer's experience. 提高客户在日立展会上体验的一些细节包括:

  • 每个监测站都有两个监视器,医生可以在那里检查由日立设备产生的图像. 这确保了坐在柜台旁的顾客和聚集在车站周围观看的其他客人都能看到.
  • An overhead canopy blocks light and improves image viewing.
  • Benches, chairs, and charging stations ensure guests' comfort.

8. Prepared the exhibit staff. The Hitachi team deployed expert boothmanship to welcome and engage attendees. Wilson prepared the staff with product training sessions before the show, 以及90分钟的专业展台工作人员培训作为团队开赛的一部分. 他报告说,工作人员在将新的展台礼仪和参与技巧发挥作用方面做得很好.

Wilson has received non-stop accolades since the show. In addition to the praise Wilson received from the CEO, he received compliments from other members of senior management. Also, 该展览是日立医疗美国12月通讯的头条新闻.