Picture this: you're in a room with the members of your marketing team, your management team, your product specialists, your salespeople. You're all discussing where to take your trade show program in the future. What are the chances that every single person in that room will be on the same exact page and agree on every idea? Pretty slim!

That's not all bad. We happen to think those disagreements are what push your team further and challenge you in your brand development. But even then, to create a great program you need to take everyone's ideas into consideration and somehow translate them into a cohesive plan. Otherwise, how will you know what direction to proceed in?

That's where our Ideation Calibration Workshops come in handy.

After an Ideation Calibration Workshop, you will come away understanding your team members' differing opinions enough that you will be able to mold them into one, cohesive, brand and trade show marketing-driving vision.

So how do we do it? When we conduct an Ideation Calibration Workshop, we host it at your facility, our facility, or an offsite location—whichever you prefer. These workshops are either a half day or a full day session—what we like to call our "verbal vomit" days. Anything goes and there is no such thing as a bad idea.

Here are the steps of the process:


Interested in discussing how an Ideation Calibration Workshop could benefit you and your team? Contact us at evpmarketing@reduxcomputing.com to learn more.

Ideation Calibration Workshops improve your trade show exhibiting results by molding all of those different opinions held by your various team members into one cohesive vision. And once your team shares a vision—there's no limit to how much ROI your trade show program can produce.